n1c0 (n1c0x1c0) wrote,

Note to self

Self, don't fall asleep in the company of girls with nail polish. The results aren't pretty.
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Did they do a sloppy job?
Just a bit. She blamed it on me biting my nails, but I say it was the wine and beer =P
Wine and beer? Just an ordinary day or one heck of a party?
Just dinner: pesto spinach pasta, tomato and mozzarella salad, vinho verde and two trashy movies

One hell of a party would be martinis, mojitos and the ever-famous trashcan sangría
... O.o well mec, fuck. Cqui s'est passé?
Quelques amies a moi m'ont peint les ongles pendant que je dormais...
Vous parlez français?