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It means "stop!"

I just saw the cutest thing ever! On my bus ride home, there was a Chinese woman and her two adorable daughters, who could not have been more than three or four years old. On top of being as cute as a button and dressed in that lovable little girl style, complete with pink checkered shirts, yellow shorts and sandals, the children were incredibly smart! The girls would chat amongst themselves in English about what was going on in the streets around them, and whenever they got too excited or jumpy, the mother would scold them in Chinese and they would quickly quiet down and get back into their seats. Then, in order to harness their curiosity for their benefit, the woman quizzed them about the things they were pointing out, like the colors on the stoplight and what each one means, and the girls would respond first in Chinese and then in English. I couldn't stop smiling and had to pretend that I wasn't staring so the woman wouldn't become self-conscious or embarrassed, but I don't think I've ever had my heart melt so much nor enjoyed the simple pleasures that can be found even in the most routine of things!
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