n1c0 (n1c0x1c0) wrote,

Summer Grumbles

If I've come to only one conclusion this summer, it's that I need more straight active friends. When it's summer and 80 degrees every damn day, I want to be outside and doing something. It's bad enough living in the city, working every day and not being able to enjoy wide open spaces, but when it feels like pulling teeth to get a few people together to do something mildly physical, it seems like a waste of summer. Most of my friends have left the city for home for the summer, and the ones who have stayed often have conflicting work schedules. Even then, the only thing that people seem to want to do after work is go out or go dancing. That's all well and good, but I tire of it and want something a little simpler - why must alcohol, music and money always be an integral part of that fleeting concept called fun? I have a few friends who are usually willing to go running or work out, but the sterile atmosphere of the gym makes those activities, however active, seem like yet more work. What ever happened to those classic summer activities like tag, kickball or frisbee? In our quest for adulthood, have we forgotten how to enjoy life in Nature's most pleasant season?

I want sun! I want green grass! I want to run! I want to laugh and ache at the same time! I want summer back!
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